Product Catalogs


Complete 2023 Hydraulic Hose & Fittings Catalog (PDF)

Hydraulic Hose

Braided (PDF)
Spiral (PDF)
Pressure Washer (PDF)
Thermoplastic (PDF)
Miscellaneous Hydraulic Hose (PDF)

One Piece Couplings

AF Series – Industrial Hose (PDF)
E Series – Braided Hose (PDF)
F Series – R5 Hose (PDF)
N Series – Four Spiral (PDF)
P Series – Thermoplastic Hose (PDF)
T Series – Thermoplastic Hose (PDF)
TS Series – Teflon Stainless (PDF)
V-VS Series – Six Spiral (PDF)
X Series – Six Spiral (PDF)
Z Series – Airconditioning (PDF)
Fitting Index (PDF)

Two Piece Couplings

W Series – Braided Four Spiral Hose (PDF)


1R Series – R1AT/1SN Hose (PDF)
2R Series – R2AT/2SN Hose (PDF)
5R Series – R5 Hose (PDF)
7R Series – R7 Hose (PDF)
PL Series – Push Lok (PDF)
H Series – Suction Hose (PDF)


JIC and Pipe (PDF)
Flanges (PDF)
BSP and Metric (PDF)
O-Ring Face Seal (PDF)
Metric Compression (PDF)
Flareless Compression (PDF)
Quick Reference Chart (PDF)

Live Swivels

Live Swivels (PDF)

Hydraulic Quick Disconnects

Agriculture (PDF)
Flat Face (PDF)
Multifaster (PDF)
Screw to Connect (PDF)
Special (PDF)
Standard ISO (PDF)
Water (PDF)
Hydraulic Quick Coupling Profile (PDF)
Hydraulic Quick Coupling Interchange Guide (PDF)


Protective Sleeving (PDF)
Plastic Wrap/Steel Spring Guard (PDF)
Velcro Straps (PDF)
Bend Restrictions (PDF)
Tube Clamps (PDF)
O-Rings D-Rings Kits (PDF)
Flange Lock (PDF)
Gauges (PDF)
High Pressure Ball Valves (PDF)


Crimpers (PDF)
Hose Saws (PDF)
Miscellanous Hydraulic Equipment (PDF)


Hydraulic Guidelines (PDF)
Stamped Process (PDF)
Fitting Orientation (PDF)
Defining Hose Assembly Length (PDF)
Thread Specifications (PDF)
Torque Valves (PDF)
Hose ID Selection Nomograph (PDF)
Hose Size Conversation Chart (PDF)
Thread Working Pressure (PDF)


Energy Products

Energy Products Catalogue (pdf)