XMTR Pressurization Set

XMTR Working EnvironmentJGB Enterprises, Inc. was approached with a concept for charging electronic jamming pods with N2 gas.

Electronic jamming pods used on the Navy's AE-6 Prowler aircraft require charging with N2 gas to augment electric circuit insulation.

From the original concept, JGB Enterprises, Inc. designed, developed, tested, demonstrated, specified, manufactured, delivered, and continues to support the XMTR Pressurization Set.

Set specifications include: XMTR Pressurization Set

  • Over pressure safe interfacing with aircraft carrier N2 gas system
  • Conditioning, delivering, regulating, monitoring N2 gas
  • Fail safe interfacing with jamming pod
  • Corrosion protection & environment compatibility
  • Handling, safety relief & production tests

Key accomplishments:

  • Demonstration of prototype set to Navy in 90 days
  • Met Navy aircraft carrier flight deck requirements
  • Delivery of 45 operational units 180 days from original concept