Helicopter Expeditionary Refueling System (HERS)

HERS - Helicopter Expeditionary Refueling System

TAMCN: B1135

ID: 07387C

NSN: 4930-01-114-9930

Functional Description

The Helicopter Expedient Refueling System (HERS) is designed for support of the helicopter refueling operations in forward area and remote sites. It is normally used in Forward Arming and Refueling Point (FARP) operations. Versatility, easy transportation, and quick setup are the key elements of the system.

The HERS has the maximum capacity of 18000 gallons using 500 gallon bladders (B0570) and 3000 gallon collapsible tanks (B0573) and a pumping capability of 150 GPM.

It may be deployed as a complete system or tailored to meet specific capable mission requirements and can be used with other tactical fuel systems. Typically stored/ transported using three Quadcons Forklift support is required.

Manufacturer: Multiple
Model: 81A5013A0000
Fuel Each Pump
Fuel Capacity (Gal): 1.3
Fuel Consumption (GPH): 0.4
Fuel Type: Diesel/JP-8

Shipping Dimensions
Length (in): 240
Width (in): 96
Height (in): 102
Weight (lbs):  
Dry: 6134
Volume (ft3): 1360
Minimum Operating Dimensions
Length (ft): Varies
Width (ft): Varies
Height (in): Varies
Weight (lbs):  
Volume (ft3): Approx 16400

Transportability Treat as cargo
Component TAMCN(s) B0570, B0573
Associated TAMCN(s) B2170, B2730