Product Development

JGB Enterprises, Inc. provides technical expertise for the analysis of customer requirements, proposal preparation, contract engineering and development. The development team is integrated and managed by the Engineering department.

The entire project development team draws from the collective experience of several departments including Manufacturing, Contracts, Quality Assurance, Purchasing, as well as Engineering.

As each project is different, the individual team members may change from project to project, but the overall effect is one of an efficient team managed by a Project Manager specific to each specialty systems requirement.

JGB Enterprises, Inc. recently developed a specialized Transmitter Pressurization Set upgrade for the AE-6B Prowler jamming pod. This Set charges N2 gas into Band 9/10 jamming pods and is identified by US Navy P/N: 09-200822.

JGB Enterprises, Inc. is unique in its ability to provide an individually tailored development team for each of your projects.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you in your project needs.