Supply Chain Alliance

JGB Enterprises, Inc. is a proud member of the DSCC Supply Chain Alliance Program:

JGB Enterprises, Inc. and  DSCC Supply Chain Alliance Program

The purpose of this program is to establish a basic understanding and mutual agreement on future interaction with those suppliers under Long Term Contracts with DSCC.

The intent of the SCA is to establish a long term working partnership with existing sources of supply which incorporate both pricing and delivery terms of their existing LTC's and an agreement to partner in supporting new initiatives designed to improved support to any DSCC customer.

The SCA establishes an integrated Supply Chain that a "tailored support arrangement" contractor may use, if desired, in the fulfillment of their contractual obligations to the government. Orders by these TSA contractors are not placed against this SCA agreement.

Rather, the SCA agreement provides an understanding between the Government and the SCA partners as to how support will be provided by the SCA partner to a "tailored support arrangement" contractor performing a government contract.

DSCC Documents

Currently JGB Enterprises, Inc. has long term contracts for several items.

To learn more about the Supply Chain Alliance Program and JGB's involvement with it contact Ken Dawe, Government Sales Manager.