Amphibious Assault Fuel System (AAFS)

AAFS - Amphibious Assault Fuel System

TAMCN: B0685

ID: 06674C

NSN: 4930-01-113-9173

Functional Description

The primary purpose of the Amphibious Assault Fuel System (AAFS) is used for receiving, storing, transferring and dispensing bulk fuel for all elements or the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF). The system has the capability to transfer bulk fuel to outlying expeditionary airfields, receive from various sources, and dispense to ground vehicles. Has a pumping capability up to 600 GPM and can store up to 1,120,000 gallons of bulk fuel product. Can be deployed as a complete system or tailored to meet specific mission requirements. Forklift support is required.

Manufacturer: Multiple
Model: M69HC
Capacity (Gal):  
Fuel Consumption (GPH):  
Fuel Type: Diesel/JP-8

Shipping Dimensions
Length (in): 8880
Width (in): 3552
Height (in): 3774
Weight (lbs):  
Dry: 451320
Volume (ft3): 68888080
Operating Dimensions
Length (ft): Varies
Width (ft): Varies
Height (in): Varies
Weight (lbs):  
Wet: Varies
Volume (ft3): Approx 23 Acres

Transportability Treat as cargo
Component TAMCN(s) B0572, B0574, B1583, B1585, C4765
Associated TAMCN(s) DOZER, TRAM w bucket. Needed to build burns