Hose Repair Kit - J-Clamp

JGB Enterprises, Inc. continuous investments in research and development has lead to successes like the J-Clamp. This patented technology allows for quick installation, while exceeding 600 psi burst pressure and repair of 6 inch fuel hose.

The J-Clamp provides permanent repairs or connections in two minutes. It can be used to create hose lenghts from 660 feet to as long as needed.

Our engineered and patented product is the Clamp of Choice in the theatre of operations. Our troops are able to install our J-Connector-Mender and J-Connector-Mender in a few minutes.


J-Clamp - Specialty Systems and Products
J-Clamp - Specialty Systems and Products
  • Bolted aluminum construction with no protrusions
  • Only 3 different pcs
  • Distributes Clamping Stress for superior retention w/o collar
  • Compensates for variations in hose tube hardness & thickness
  • Provides 360 degree seal, regardless of gaps between clamp segments
  • Compensates for variations in clamping torque
  • 3 segment/3-bolt construction
  • Can be serviced with 3/8" allen wrench
  • Allows field repair of damaged hose tube
  • Provides "Re-Torque" ability, to seal hose where elastomer has taken a compression set
  • 600 psi burst
  • reusable
  • 2 minute assembly line, 2 minute repair time
  • Satisfies MIL-PRF-370
  • Works with many couplings/adaptors: (double grooved, cam & groove, J-Connector, flange
  • Compatible with HRU retrieval system


J-Connector - Specialty Systems and Products
J-Connector - Specialty Systems and Products
  • Mender (joins hose tube to hose tube)
  • Provides permanent repairs in 2 minutes
  • Provides permanent connection in 2 minutes
  • Can be used to create hose lengths from 660 feet to infinity
  • Part Numbers: (09-2008840, 09-200841)