Specialty System Support

JGB Enterprises, Inc. continues to expand its capability to provide our Military Customers with quality services and products worldwide.

Building upon our more than two decades experience we pride ourselves on our ability to acquire, develop and produce specialty products and replacement components.

Our Engineering department is waiting to help you with your development requirements from analyzing needs, developing solutions, designing product, right through on-site training of your people in the deployment.

We have years of experience in fulfilling thousands of military and government contracts. An important part of the fulfillment process is the need to comply with the mil-spec Packaging requirements. Our shipping department has a full time staff member dedicated to ensuring that all our projects going out the door are in compliance.

JGB Enterprises, Inc. has grown our Project Kitting business. By relying on our experience and relationships with over 1,600 vendors, JGB Enterprises, Inc. can provide kitting solutions that free the customer from the work inherent in this type of job. We will be your one stop provider.

Our experience in the commercial business sector has required us to develop a fully staffed Testing department. All products are tested to comply with the appropriate regulations and customer requirements.

We look forward to showing you what JGB can deliver.