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Value Added Services & Market Specific Capabilities

Value Added Services

While JGB Enterprises has grown during our 30 years of business, we have remained an innovative and adaptable firm that can provide you with the attention you need.

When a customer comes to JGB, they can expect that we will use our experience, dedication, and ingenuity to solve their problem. We are your one stop solution provider for all your hose assembly needs.

Field Support and Assessments

JGB Field Technicians work with our customers to provide on-site assistance and assembly. JGB will bring bulk hose and fittings to the customer and will work with the engineers to route the hose as best fit for the equipment.


Finn-Power FP160UC crimping machine

Newly purchased Finn-Power-FP160UC crimping machine used for hose assemblies, tube applications.

FP160UC Specifications

The hose will be cut and assembled on-site to assure the fit is correct. The hose will then be brought back to JGB for crimping, final assembly, and testing before entering service for the customer.

Our employees are factory trained to solve all of your hose and fitting problems, provide specifications for new applications, technical support and CAD drawings.

Hose Storage
Assembly Warehouse. Here is a bird's eye view of JGB's assembly center. This is where bulk hose is cut, coupled, packaged, and shipped

Private Branded Products

JGB has expanded our product offerings into underserved markets. We currently offer private branded hoses in snowmaking, paint spray, water blast, material handling, and concrete placement.

Quality Department

J Clamp - Quality Management System

Routine outside audits certify that the company’s Quality Management System is properly maintained, in addition to the performance of internal quality audits. 

Statistical Process Controls and a thorough knowledge of the customer’s needs are further factors in the quality equation.

JGB’s testing capabilities allow them to test all assemblies for resistance to pressures, heat, cold, impact, abrasion, and harsh chemicals. Some Quality Department standards and procedures include:

RF Inventory System

Our multi-million dollar inventory of industrial and hydraulic hose located in Liverpool, NY, and branch offices in Buffalo, NY; Charlotte, NC; Williston, ND; and St. Louis, MO allow JGB Enterprises Inc. to facilitate JIT (Just in Time) service to our customers.  JGB utilizes Radio Frequency bar code scanners to track inventory.  This system assures accuracy and provides the customer with the fastest assembly time possible.

JGB's military spare parts - RF Inventory System

Testing and Certification Department

All products are carefully inspected and laboratory tested to ensure we provide the performance you need and expect.  Our inspection procedures conform to ISO-9001:2015 Certified and we provide mil-spec packaging, mil-spec log mars and reverse engineered drawing services. 

Customized inspection systems are in place for special requirements.  Automated test facilities and precision equipment allow JGB Enterprises, Inc. to test performance under heat, cold, pressure impact and extended use.

Testing is performed in-house IAW required specification requirements.  JGB has three test tanks that allow us to pressurize and certify our hose assemblies if needed.

Test reports and certifications are available for:

Air, nitrogen, and underwater testing are also available.


Interactive Website

Our constantly expanding website features the specifications of over 2386 different hoses from 155 suppliers.  The site allows the customer to browse through our catalog and submit RFQs.


In expanding our capacity to meet the demand and to grow with the industry, we have an 80,000 square foot office, warehouse testing facilities and have added a 60,000 square foot warehouse and special production manufacturing facility. This capacity is helping us to ship orders in quantities of hundreds of thousands each year.


Market Specific Capabilities

Industrial/Construction Rental Program

Oilfield Program

Petroleum & Hydraulic Programs

Marketing, Creative, & E-Commerce Support Services

Marketing, Creative, & E-Commerce Support Services

JGB Enterprises, Inc. proudly offers a variety of value added services to compliment and support our current and prospective customers.

Our in-house marketing & support team provides a wide range of Marketing, Creative, & E-Commerce Support Services that save our customers time & money.

From packaging & displays to logistics we’re here to support your needs when onboarding our wide array of products.


JGB Enterprises utilizes a broad range of traditional & digital marketing channels to ensure our brands are front and center in their respective markets. When you onboard a JGB product you can rest assured that your customers will not only “know” the brand, but they’ll know they can find it with you. We leverage our knowledge in the following channels to support you.

Traditional Channels
JGB Marketing Services - JGB Social Digital Channels
Digital Channels


At JGB Enterprises we use our knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite to create customized packaging & display, product literature, and more. We strive to go above and beyond to save our customers time and money while taking on our long list of products. We also take our own digital photography saving time & money when onboarding to websites and creating product art.

Adobe Creative Suite
Marketing, Creative, & E-Commerce Support Services
Digital Photography

E-Commerce Support

JGB Enterprise’s extensive experience with large e-commerce platforms gives us an edge against our competition. From uploading/onboarding our product catalog to packaging and logistics, we aim to make working with us and our brands as seamless as possible.

Product Onboarding/Uploading
E-Commerce Support

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