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Managing hose assembly maintenance can be challenging for the savviest of organizations with hundreds, even thousands of hose assemblies needing attention. Keeping detailed records or maintenance logs can be overwhelming. HTS offers an asset identification and management tool that brings peace of mind. All the details of your hose assemblies are available in one place, at any time, on any internet connected device.
Hose Tracking System (HTS) - JGB Enterprises, Inc.

The Portal

JGB Enterprises, Inc. HTS Portal uses top of the line database technology to allow secure access through any internet-connected device. The HTS Customer Portal allows for 24/7 access to all information specific to each individual assembly including, test documents, work orders, sales orders, invoices, your purchase orders, and more!

HTS custom built secure database is capable of recording and permanently storing user-defined serial numbers, or JGB provided serial numbers. To manage security and control access, HTS is built per company, and user. HTS can be accessed on multiple devices either at the user’s location or in the field via any connected mobile device.

HTS accumulates and stores detailed information for every individual assembly:

The Portal - Hose Tracking System (HTS) - JGB Enterprises, Inc.

Customer Information

Assembly Information

Test Period
HTS has the abitility to send an automated email to you and your JGB sales rep when your assemblies require re-testing or replacement.

Uploaded Documents
Customer specified i.e. Test Certs, PO’s, Invoices, & More

Custom built search allows the user to easily search serial numbers, or any other information related to the assembly.

The Portal - Hose Tracking System (HTS) - JGB Enterprises, Inc.

The Portal - Hose Tracking System (HTS) - JGB Enterprises, Inc.

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The Assembly Identification Label

HTS allows JGB to affix permanent asset labels to each assembly that presents critical, product-specific information that correlates to the digital record that is stored in the online customer portal.

The asset label provides users in the field all of the necessary information needed to identify the assembly. If required your assembly label can be equipped with a custom QR code which can be scanned with a connected mobile device.

Once scanned the user will be directed to that specific assembly’s digital record, allowing him/her to view all critical details including the ability to download test certificates directly to their device.

The Assembly Identification Label - Hose Tracking System (HTS) - JGB Enterprises, Inc.

Our labels have been tried-and-tested in the rigorous of applications. Whether your using your assemblies in an oilfield, mining, fueling, petrochemical, or agriculture, you can rest assured our labels will hold up!

Each tag can be fully customized to contain specific information. Customizing labels makes assembly identification quicker, reducing any downtime. JGB can customize your tag right down to including your logo!

The JGB Mobile Application

The all new JGB Enterprises free mobile application allows users a “one touch” option to access the HTS portal, making it the ideal worksite assistant. It allows users to scan an assembly, and/or log into the customer HTS portal from any internet connected mobile device, making it a great tool for those in the field.

The built-in scanner allows for easy label scanning and access to specific assembly data, including test certificates. The application also has a built-in log in screen which allows the user to log into the portal right from the app, no need to navigate via a browser to log in.


The JGB Mobile Application - Hose Tracking System (HTS) - JGB Enterprises, Inc.

JGB Mobile HOME Screen


The Application Home screen allows easy navigation to the login screen and Assembly Scanner.

The JGB Mobile Application - Hose Tracking System (HTS) - JGB Enterprises, Inc.

Mobile Customer LOGIN Screen

The JGB Mobile Application - Hose Tracking System (HTS) - JGB Enterprises, Inc.

Built in scanner (Android Users)

*NOTE: Apple users simply scan the assembly label with your camera.


Hose Tracking System (HTS) - JGB Enterprises, Inc.

JGB makes assembly and component replacement fast, easy, and precise with convenience wherever you go with the JGB Mobile app available for download on apple and android devices.

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